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The tranquility will heal your mind and regain your composure

Thinking about the sound environment that surrounds our lives, we are in a harsh situation full of miscellaneous sounds.Sound can be both healing and harmful

In ancient times, there was a treatment by sound

Even now, in the undeveloped areas of Africa, drums are used to drive away evil spirits and cure illnesses

The body we have is a supernatural body

I think that the best sound for a supernatural body is the natural sound

We need time to close your eyes and take a deep breath in nature, such as the sound of nature murmuring, the sound of waves, and the chirping of birds.

Sound and music have various effects such as brightening the atmosphere, making you happy, and making you feel happy, and the healing effect is one of them

The origin of the healing effect of sound can be traced back to ancient Rome

It is said that there are records that sounds and music were used as "medicines for the heart" in ancient Rome

We, modern people, live every day in an environment far from the sounds of nature

There are sounds that are frustrating and confusing.If you live in it all the time, you may unknowingly be harmed by sound stress

Some sounds exceed the limits of human patience, which can lead to mental disorders

When you put yourself in a quiet environment, you will find that the sound of breathing, the beating of the heart, the pulsing rhythm, all of which are in harmony with the sounds of nature

Quiet moments heal people, calm their minds, and brighten their mood







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