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  • 執筆者の写真Natsumi







Decorate flowers and learn from flowers

When the room is beautifully tidy, it makes me want to decorate it with flowers

You can think of it as a state of your mind

Just having flowers will cleanse your feelings beautifully and decorating a living thing makes me feel that the space is also alive, and I feel the power

It is said that flowers have a deep meaning

It doesn't ask for anything and gives you pure beauty. Just being there gives people joy and keeps blooming beautifully without asking for a reward, and that is pure love

I'm sure everyone has the experience of expressing "I love you" purely in words and actions to mom, dad, and friends they love when we were children. But before i know it, humans become so arrogant that constantly bargain in lives and try to measure everything with only profits and losses

If you do so, your heart(mind) will dry out before you know it

Just like watering a flower, pour pure water into your heart(mind) to moisturize it

Yoga will teach you.





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