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  • 執筆者の写真Natsumi







Accept yourself and "smile"

I would be very happy if I could spend my days "smiling" both physically and mentally

You can maintain a good relationship if you can smile when you meet people

When people was little, everyone was smiling.This is because the corners of the mouth rise and the impression of the face looks bright

However, with aging, the flesh of the cheeks gradually decreases due to gravity, and along with that, the corners of the mouth also decrease, giving the impression of darkness

Sometimes people may misunderstand that they are angry

And I feel that my impression in the mirror is "I'm old", and every day is getting darker

Get in the habit of "smiling"!

With a youthful impression, every day looks happy.I would be really happy if I could live a smiling life 365 days a year, both physically and mentally

When practicing asanas and meditation, close your eyes and smile at yourself

You need to accept yourself in order to smile at yourself from the bottom of your heart

We accept that it is okay to be as it is, including all the good and immature parts

When I can smile at myself, my mind relaxed, my body relaxed, and relieved

Let's cherish such a moment☺💓







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