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  • 執筆者の写真Natsumi


学校の発表会では「話は短く、声は大きく」とよく言われた記憶があります。子どもの頃は肺活量を鍛えたり、腹筋を使ったり、大きな声を出す練習をするのは成長する上でとても重要なことだと思います。しかし、普段の生活で大きな声で話したり、怒り口調で話していたりすると、とても疲れますし、そういう人とつきあっていても疲れてしまいます。... かといって虫が鳴くような小さな声で話していても、人に想いを伝えることはできません。





Voice speaks gently to the suite ☺💓

At the school speech, I remember being often told that the story was short and the voice was loud

As a child, training your lung capacity, using your abs, and practicing loud voices are very important for your growth

But,speaking loudly or in an angry tone in everyday life can be very tiring,Also, even if you go out with such a person, you will get tired

However, even if you speak in a small voice like a bug, you cannot convey your feelings to others

People say that the appearance is 90%, but the impression of the voice is as big as it looks

Some people have a pleasant voice, and some have a gentle way of speaking

The voice is also healing

Speaking gently with a pleasant voice can calm you down and relax

When you speak intimidatingly and loudly to a person, it is bad for your own mental state and also harms the other person's mental state

Bullying by words is also increasing.Sometimes a word can cast a dark shadow on a person's life

There is a word "kotodama" in Japan.Each word has a soul

Choose your words carefully, speak with a sweet voice, a soft tone, and a gentle feeling







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