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  • 執筆者の写真Natsumi


自然... 宇宙の秩序に調和した、人に最も適した生き方を学んでいく道があるといいます。それは、人生に幸福と平和と満足をもたらすものといわれています。




Pure act of purifying humanity

Nature ... It is said that there is a way to learn the most suitable way of life for people in harmony with the order of the universe

It is said to bring happiness, peace and satisfaction to life

Each person has his or her own role or job

And by doing so, you earn money and live your life

Many people work thinking "for money" and "for life"

However, yoga says that working for that reason can cause disappointment, dissatisfaction, struggle, and distress in your life

Being at work and the act itself are important

Don't be obsessed with the rewards that come with your work, but forcus to it

you will carry out your actions while maintaining the balance between your mind and body

By doing pure acts, we can purify our humanity

That is Karma Yoga (Yoga for the Acts)

It is a natural and pure way of life without any tricks





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