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  • 執筆者の写真Natsumi






Every day is an effort to grow spiritually 💪✨

If you think of the movement of your mind as yourself, you will be bound by changes and movements of your mind, and you will always be disturbed when your mind is disturbed

When you are bound by the movement of your mind, you will find yourself in your worries and sorrows

It doesn't matter what happens in your daily life

The important thing depends on how you react to the event

And I think that all events are hurdles for how to overcome them in order to grow mentally

In relation to people, we rejoice based on their happiness, mourn their misfortunes together, bless their good deeds, and have no hatred for their bad deeds. We aim to keep our mind clear

And yoga teaches that all of this is a practice to get rid of a lot of yourself and to get rid of ego





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